Year Six

Below you'll find a sample plan for term one, to give a sense of what topics are covered.


  • Tools that will help me with character and setting description
  • Tools that will help me write a biography and a persuasive argument.
  • We will be reading World War Two fiction and writing our own stories, and then studying Macbeth by Shakespeare.


  • We will be looking at reasoning, fluency and problem solving within:
  • Number and place value
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Fractions
  • Position and direction


  • World War 2, covering evacuation, the two sides, rationing and also investigating certain key events during the war (e.g. Dunkirk and D Day)


  • Coding using variables
  • Online safety

Religious education

  • Judaism
  • Beliefs on the creation story.

Personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education

  • New beginnings
  • Getting on and falling out
  • Online safety


  • Light – what is light and how does it travel. What are darkness and shadows.
  • Circulatory system – how does the heart work and how do we breathe? How can we keep ourselves healthy?

Music and drama

  • Exploring the musical legacy of World War 2 through songs by Vera Lynn and other popular music from the time
  • Developing rhythm and pulse through musical games

Art and Design technology

  • Refining drawing and making through work inspired by Henry Moore


  • Classroom instructions
  • Sports and opinions
  • Traditional stories and drama
  • Describing the weather
  • Hobbies and games and pets

Latest Year 6 news

Winter term update: year 6

Year 6 have had a fantastic half term. We have immersed ourselves into World War Two again, having a trip to Newhaven Fort and participating in our very own VE day. At Newhaven Fort, we learnt all about life for civilians during WW2 and all 

Year 6 Autumn update 2022

Year 6 have had a wonderful start to the school year with our World War Two topic. Thechildren have really enjoyed learning about historical figures who lived during the war,including Anne Frank, British evacuees and world leaders on both sides. We had an incredibly informative