Year Three

Below you'll find a sample plan for term one, to give a sense of what topics are covered.


  • Poetry – settings and dragon poems
  • Portal stories
  • Character and setting descriptions
  • Drama and role play
  • Information texts on mythical creatures
  • Recount writing

Personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education

  • New beginnings
  • Making new friends
  • Working with others
  • Social skills


  • History – changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.
  • Geography – physical geography such as volcanoes and earthquakes linking with our units across the curriculum.


  • Basic rhythm.
  • Identify instruments by sight and sound.
  • Learn to sing and perform new songs.
  • Listen to different instruments being played in famous musical pieces.

Modern foreign language


  • Introduction to France and French Culture
  • Greetings and common phrases
  • Classroom instructions
  • Pets
  • Introductions and simple conversations
  • Nursery rhymes and traditional games


  • Compare and group rocks
  • Describe how fossils are formed
  • Investigating soil
  • Carrying out scientific investigations


  • Consolidation of number facts
  • Number and place value
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Multiplication and division

Physical education

  • Hockey and swimming
  • Tag rugby and floor gymnastics

Art and Design technology

  • Mark-making and observational drawing.
  • Exploring cave art
  • Colour mixing and painting techniques
  • Making roundhouses


  • Touch-typing skills
  • Creating and running code, debugging a program.

Religious education

  • Teachings, study and treatment of sacred texts
  • Different festivals and celebrations

Latest Year 3 news

Safer internet week and crane visit

As you are aware this week is Safer Internet Week. It is an important reminder of the dangers there are online. These dangers are not just from the chat and message functions but also from the content children can see. Here are some links to 

Winter term update: year 3

This term Year 3 have been working their socks off! In English we have been focusing our writing on dragons and what makes them special. Ms Smale brought in her pet bearded dragon, Lizzie the Lizard to inspire and engage the children. They loved feeling 

Year 3 Autumn update 2022

Year 3 have had a wonderful start to the year! We have done many fantastic, hand-on learningactivities this term, here are just a few examples:In geography, we kicked off the year with a ‘bang’ by studying how volcanoes are formed, whattectonic plates are and how