Year Two

Below you'll find a sample plan for term one, to give a sense of what topics are covered.


  • Fiction: story-writing based on Little Red Riding Hood, changing where she might go.
  • Setting focus: exploring different settings using descriptive language such as expanded noun phrases and similes and making sure to use the correct punctuation for each sentence.
  • Poetry: exploring different emotions using a class book The Colour Monster.

Religious education

  • A focus on Christianity. We will be looking at significant important individuals and Christian celebrations.

Physical education

  • This term we will be learning to play hockey. We will focus on moving with the ball and passing it to our team.


  • Animals including humans: learning that animals, including humans,
    have offspring which grow into adults.
  • Looking at the life cycles of a penguin and finding out about the basic needs of animals, including humans.
  • Describing the importance for humans to exercise, eat the
    right amounts of different types of food, and have good hygiene.


  • Learning to partition ‘ones’ and ‘tens’ into a place value chart.
  • Practising counting forwards and backwards within 50 and comparing numbers to 100.
  • Learning formal written methods for addition and subtraction focusing on digging deeper with problem solving, varied fluency and reasoning challenges.


  • Learn the song: Hands, Feet, Heart.
  • Listening to and appraising different songs and talking about rhythm, pulse and pitch.


  • Using atlases to identify the United Kingdom and its countries.
  • Looking at the world’s continents and oceans focusing on hot and cold climates.


  • Using the Purple Mash to programme, debug and create animations.
  • Learning how to stay safe online.

Life skills / Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education

  • Just Right: learning about the different emotional zones in the Just Right tower and how to regulate our emotions.


  • Learning to show knowledge and understanding of aspects of the past beyond living memory, and of some of the main events and people studied such as The Wright Brothers: who were they? Why were they so important to flight?


  • Mark making and practising line drawings.
  • Looking at an artist called Matt Sewell who is well-known for drawing birds.