Our Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum Intent

At Carden Nursery and Primary School we believe in providing high quality, active, purposeful and experiential learning opportunities. Our aim is to engage and equip pupils with the skills, knowledge and understanding they require to be successful learners.   Our environment promotes independence and values explorative play.  We make sure our children are mindful of their learning journey, giving them a strong sense of pride in their achievements.  The relationships we build with our children and their families are centred on empowering every child to become an effective, motivated life-long learner.

Our Core Values and Learning Journey Skills underpin our language rich curriculum.  Talk is a fundamental part of our EYFS practise and it is integral in all areas of our EYFS curriculum.  We believe that the curriculum is everything that happens throughout the day, both in and out of school; we value and celebrate experiences and achievements from home and invite parents to join us in their child’s journey through the Early Years.

Our ultimate goal is for all learners to be successful, confident, happy individuals, who make positive contributions within their community, respect diversity and value equality of opportunity both now and in the future.


We aim to ensure every pupil:

  • Receives a comprehensive settling in programme designed to ensure they are able to transition into the new setting with ease.
  • Has access to a safe, calm and inclusive setting every day where they can build positive relationships based on equality, diversity, trust and respect.
  • Has access to a rich, creative and purposeful learning environment designed to reflect their interests, offer them challenge and support them in developing a range of new skills.
  • Has access a language rich environment where talk is valued and evident in all we do.
  • Has access to high quality teaching and a balanced curriculum which takes into account the varying developmental stages of each individual child.
  • Is given the support, encouragement and skills they need to develop socially, physically, intellectually and emotionally.
  • Is supported to develop resilience, confidence and perseverance when taking on something new.
  • Can play, engage and explore; fostering motivation through active learning opportunities.
  • Feels safe, valued and welcomed within our Carden school community.

Our Curriculum Design 

Our curriculum has been designed to ensure a strategic approach to learning is delivered across all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Firstly, our curriculum identifies the key knowledge and skills our children require to be successful in all 17 learning strands. Some of these strands have been partitioned further to build on subject specific understanding which offers a wider scope of evidence for meeting the Early Learning Goals as well as supporting the transition between our EYFS and KS1 curriculum. For example, key objectives are identified for music, history, geography and the natural world.

Our curriculum is coherently planned and delivered in a structured and sequenced way. Some areas of learning are most apparent in our day to day ongoing provision as well as being explicitly taught. For example, turn taking, being respectful, language development, listening and attention skills, fine and gross motor skills.

Some areas of learning lend themselves to the timings of the year; for example, learning about seasons, cultural and religious festivals, developing class charters and observing animals and plants and are therefore planned for in line with this.

Other aspects are planned for across the year, this means key skills and understanding can be revisited and links in new and existing knowledge can be made. 

Our time table ensures children have opportunities to engage in play and self-initiated activities in order to practise and apply their learning and develop confidence in their skills. The timetable changes as the children progress through the EYFS, for example there is a greater amount of structure in the summer term for the Reception classes which supports their transition into year 1.

Co-constructing our curriculum in this way has provided us with a robust and ambitious curriculum which is sequenced purposefully and meets the needs of all pupils including the more able.

Our curriculum details the knowledge and skills we want our children to gain by the end of the EYFS, some of the key language for each strand, the tools we will use to support the delivery of our curriculum and the cultural capital opportunities the children will encounter to really help bring our curriculum to life. 

We do not have key 'themes or topics' for each term.  We aim to go with the interests of the children and tailor the learning to topics which they enjoy, this can be different each year.  We work hard to ensure our children have the best start to their school life at Carden.  Have a look at our curriculum documents below to find out more!  


Our Curriculum for Each Area of Learning

Please click on the links below to see our curriculum for each area of learning:  

Communication, Language and Literacy Personal, Social and Emotional Development  Physical Development                   
Reading Writing Number
Shape, Space and Measure Understanding the World Expressive Arts and Design