Well done to all the children who came into school this morning.  We have not stopped commenting on how grown up the children look!  Everyone has had a wonderful day, the picnic went down a treat and the children have thoroughly enjoyed being reunited with some of their friends. What a great start to the reopening of our Reception school gates, RSM we look forward to seeing you on Thursday and for all our wonderful children who will not be returning to us just yet please remember to keep in touch.  Let us know what you have been doing and we will share your news with the children in school to make sure our Reception classes remain united in some way until they can all be together again in class. 




Coronavirus school closures - Home learning tasks

Dear parents/carers, below is your child's weekly home learning grid. This will be updated every Friday. You can also download using the 'download document' link underneath. Please don't hesitate to email your child's teacher if you have any queries regarding any of the given tasks. 

Below you will find our maths demonstration video. 

Below is this weeks fun phonics learning sheet. Please also take some time to look at your sound and tricky word mats to identify any sounds your child is unsure of.

If you feel your child is finding the phonics tasks a little tricky please select an activity from below which best suits their needs. There are also some Phoneme spotter stories for your child to try.

 Additional reading ee ai.pdfDownload
 Difficulty level 1 phase 3 ai ee igh oa pdf.pdfDownload
 Difficulty level 2 phase 4 ai ee igh oa pdf.pdfDownload
 Extension phase 4 ai
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Below are some exciting Physical activities for all the family! You may need to adjust the number of repetitions and activities slightly for the little ones but it is even better if you all join in! Children could even get changed into their PE kit to make the exercises even more fun!

Below is a list of free links to a wealth of fantastic online tutorials, workouts, ideas and activities should you wish to support your child's learning further at home.