Year 4 Autumn update 2022

This term, year 4 have been taking their learning outside as much as possible.
In topic, we have been learning about why the Roman army was so effective. We have looked at their
armour and even dressed up as Romans. Soon we will be making our own shields and learning to fight
in formation.

In English, we have been focussing on writing warning stories and report writing. We often read
outside and learn our Talk for Writing text in small groups in the orchard area, weather permitting of

We have learned about the human body in science and the children drew around one another and
labelled parts of the human body on a life size shape. They have learned about digestion system and
can follow the journey of cake through our bodies, from beginning to end. At the moment we are
focusing on teeth and how different drinks can affect our teeth.

For our marble treat we spent time in the orchard, working in teams to build dens, make artwork, light
fires, toast marshmallows and complete a scavenger hunt.
We had a really fantastic time!

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