Year 3 Autumn update 2022

Year 3 have had a wonderful start to the year! We have done many fantastic, hand-on learning
activities this term, here are just a few examples:
In geography, we kicked off the year with a ‘bang’ by studying how volcanoes are formed, what
tectonic plates are and how they impact the lives of people around the world. We even ended the unit
by making our own volcano eruptions!
In science we have been studying rocks and learning how they can all be classified into three groups;
igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. We learn how these rocks are created by using Starburst to
recreate the process; who knew rocks could be so fun!?
Finally, in our topic lessons we have been learning about just how far back the Stone Age was (using
toilet roll) and about the three major periods of the Stone Age; The Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and
The children have settled into Year 3 so fantastically well, Ms Henry and Mr Smith are incredibly proud
of them!

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