Winter term update: year 4

This half term the children in year 4 enjoyed a fantastic trip to Fishbourne Palace.

Here, they took part in numerous activities including: dressing as slaves; tasting Roman food; writing their names in Roman letters; building a bridge; cooking in a Roman style kitchen and taking in the spectacular Roman mosaics which are nearly 2000 years old.
What a memorable day!

In English the class have been learning how to write instructions. We started this unit by drawing unseen pictures by following our classmates’ instructions. We learnt that instructions need to be clear and precise.

Students from Brighton university joined us in class to show the children how to patterns in numbers and sequence numbers. The children worked small groups and used their reasoning skills to explain what they were doing.

In DT, all the children in year 4 made their own shield having studied Roman armour. They learnt about the meaning behind the symbols and about why the Romans were such great soldiers. They look their shield outside and moved in formation whilst protecting themselves from the onslaught of form balls.

We finished off the term with some fun in the snow! The children had an amazing time.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

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