Sporting Fixtures and Results

Carden pupils continue to be active both during and after school. This term they have taken part in many city wide competitions showing the other schools in the county just how talented they really are. Take a look at some of the photos below that capture the pupils achievements

Carden Sports Day

On the 10th July all of Carden pupils turned into mini athletes as they took to the Field for the annual sports day. Pupils had been practicing hard like true athletes in lessons to make sure that they  were at their best to perform on sports day when they had the support of their friends and family’s watching. It was the turn of the Key Stage 2 pupils to compete in the morning and they marched out onto the field dressed in house competitive colours. The morning began with a caroused of activities that challenges the pupils in lots of different ways from ‘cone flipping’ to Basketball shooting and Vortex howler throwing and let’s not forget the wacky water race! These stations gave pupils the opportunity to compete against other members of their class. Then followed the long run; a few changes had been made to this this year as the second on the top field was removed but this meant that onlookers could watch the whole race! There were some very close races and all pupils really showed the sports value of determination just to get to the finish. Those pupils that finished in 1st, 2nd or 3rd where awarded for their efforts with a shiny medal. After the long run we then move onto the much shorter sprint races; some of these races where so quick that if you blinked you would have misses them! Although we didn’t have VAR on the finished line we had plenty of places judges to be sure that we got the finishing places correct. Again pupils where awarded medals just like in the Olympics for 1st 2nd and 3rd place! 


After lunch it was time for the younger pupils to step out onto the sports field. It was great to see so many of them excited and full of energy ready to participate. The stations where a little different for the younger pupils; they had a modern day version of the egg and spoon race with a cricket bat and bean bag, scooter boards and some over/under obstacle relays to contend with. The younger pupils had been working really hard to improve their skills and this really showed when they participating. After the stations once again came the long run; this was a little shorter than it is for the older pupils but wsa still a long way for little legs! From each year group boys and girls stepped up the start line showing excellent ready positions. They all cheered each other   as they completed a lap of the track before being awarded a medal if they finished in the top 3 positions. It was great to see so may of the younger pupils remembering that its is the taking part that counts and being so grown up when they just missed out on getting a medal.

Its really important at Carden that all pupils are recognised for working towards their personal best. For some pupils a personal best will not result in a podium finish which can become demoralising when pupils have tried so hard. We therefore asked that during the day teachers to look for pupils demonstrating the sports values as these are just as important as being good at sport. Values they were looking for included determination, passion, self-belief, honesty, respect and teamwork. Pupils who have been awarded these where then revealed in our PE presentation assembly.









Maddison B

Halle H

Jayden F

Rebecca A

Max K

Raham N


 Herbiw M

 Ethan R-H

Nala M 

 Bailey B

 Olivia D

Fillip I 


Malakai K

Seth H

Ava M

Fleur B-L

Matthew F

Logan T


 Brody O

Ava K 

 Yaarub H

Mahalia M 

 Kevin H



Gift D

Mya D

Francis B

Lenny T

Sammy W

Rylee D


Maxx H

Rosie H


Stanley B

Lola B

Bobby B


Sonny G

Finley M

Alicia T

Lilly-Grace G

Dexter W

Evie J


Shiv P

Evie S

Lois D

Riley B

Kuba I

Cody R


Stanley R

Georgia A

Raheen M

Yeseo H

Leo W

Valentina A


Alexis D

Rudi T


Zakie I

Agnes F

Connie W

5HS (a)

Charlie F

Aisha Y

Year Group

Josh H

Gracie L

 Emily M

5HS (b)

Tobiasz L

Arvin K

Year Group

Izma A

Levi W

Lilly W 


Yasmin C

Marcie S

Tomas F

Freddie M

Jack B

Beau G


Evan A

Stanley B

Aslan R

Masse R

Sienna R-H

Mia W


Inter-School Key Stage 1 Multi Skills Festival

On a windy Wednesday afternoon Year 1 and 2 pupils set off to participate in their first ever multi skills sports festival at Dorothy Stinger High school. This is the first time any of our younger pupils had been to a sports event as part of team Carden. The session started with some fun games where Carden pupils go to know the event leaders and the participants from the other schools.  The pupils were then divided into groups and took part in lots of funs activities where they developed their hitting, throwing and catching skills. As always the pupils behaved very well and remembered to be respectful lions when the coaches were talking and when working with pupils that they didn’t know. The event focus was on participation and fun rather than being competitive so there were no medals or trophies to be won or overall winners. All the pupils really enjoyed themselves and had a great time playing sport for the afternoon. Well done Tom S, Filipe M ,Yarrub H, Ronan S, Patrick O, George H, Mason A, Evie H, Pip B, Tommy W, Malaki , Lennon S, Stan B, Nevaeh M, Freya H

Inter-School Indoor Athletics

Carden’s talented athletics team competed in 1 of 4 rounds of the Brighton and Hove area indoor athletics competitions. The competition was made up of both Track and Field events which include events such as lap relay races, obstacle course, chest push and even a standing triple jump. The competition opened up with an exciting start with the Obstacle race the first race to compete in. Both the Boys and girls team took an impressive 2 place in both races. There was a great atmosphere as the team cheered each other along. Carden was finishing strong in all of the races but had an especially impressive show in both the boys and the girls 6 lap Paarlauf race both taking first place and the boys winning by almost a whole lap. As always what was most impressive about Team Carden was their teamwork, determination and positive attitude throughout the competition. It was them time for the presentation and the all-important winner to be announced. Team Carden had a nervous wait as other teams were called finally Carden was announce in third position taking the metaphorical bronze medal! Well done to Carden's fantastic Athletics Team!


Inter-School Cross-Country 

Carden had an excellent afternoon at the inter-school’s cross county. It was fantastic to see so many of Carden’s athletes taking part in what is a gruelling and cold event! Take a look at the photos below that capture the pupils in action.


Inter-School Gymnastics

Carden’s gymnasts flexed their way through floor routines and leapt over vaults demonstrating excellent body awareness and tension. It was a tough competition aimed at novice performers. So many schools entered the competition could not be held on one day and had tot take place across 3 different afternoons. Carden finished in a fantastic 6th pace overall out of 15 schools. Take a look at the photos below of pupils below showing excellent extension and body control.



Lets Dance 2019

The girls had been practicing for what seemed like forever but finally the day had arrived for them to show off their hard work. Performance day began with an early visit to the Dome for a full dress rehearsal. This was the first time that the girls had attempted to perform their dance on stage and were a little nervous about the spacing and remembering their dance! After a couple of practices the girls knew where they had to travel on stage and were ready for the evening’s performance. At 6.00pm sharp the girls were back at the Dome feeling energised and excited. They had their very own dressing room which quickly became full of hairbrushes, lipstick and laughter. Kelly and Maddie took the lead bradding the girls hair and once all the girls were ready they stretched, we took some group photos and had a quick team talk to remind everybody of the changes that had to made due to the space. The excitement grew as the team were called to get ready for the stage door. Some pupils were worried that they were going to forget everything and others were so excited  they were struggling to stay quiet! As they reached the stage door they had to be super quiet as another school was on stage performing. As the compare announced Carden’s presence on stage Carden parents watching cheered loudly and proudly.  The music boomed loudly and the girls entered the stage a group at a time. They danced like nobody was watching (only there was a whole theatre full of people watching!). Everybody remembered the routine and places to stand and put fantastic energy into the performance. The crowd cheered loudly again as the pupils took to their finishing positions and took their bow. There was a fantastic atmosphere back in the changing room as the girls re lived their experiences. We had to move quickly as the first half was coming to an end and there was a quick change over of schools in the changing rooms. Carden was now able to relax and join the audience in the auditorium to watch the second half of the show. It was great to see the other schools and dance crews perform; it was clear that everybody had been working super hard. As the show came to an end the commentator praised all of the performers for their hard work and fantastic performances. Our Carden performance could not have been such a success without the help of Kelly Haisel a local dance choreographer; it was great to have Kelly come and support the girls on the night too. Thank you Kelly and a huge well done to Katie C, Lexie F, Manuella G, Izzy H, Adele H, Gracie L, Emily M, Veronica M, Lilly W, Olivia J, Lottie M, Chelsea-Mae S, Sienna R, Tia W, Maddie B, Marcie S, Layla R, Yasmin S, Marolla G, Anita O, Masie E, Esha P, Amy R, Yasmin C.


Year 5 & 6 tag Rugby Team 

 Year 5 High 5 Netball Team 


 Year 5 & 6 Football Team