Pastoral care at Carden

At Carden, our staff will know your child as an individual, and - in communication with you - be able to nurture their talents, and identify their needs. Our values are courage, kindness, respect, aspiration and safety. Our approach to pastoral care and our practice in anti-bullying work sit firmly within - and are defined by - these values.

We recognise the importance of equipping our children with the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to manage their own lives now and in the future.

Our curriculum is designed to explicitly teach children about the importance of positive relationships and how to:

  • foster and maintain them
  • better understand and plan for our mental and physical welfare
  • equip ourselves with a range of skills to support us both now and in the future.

We teach respect and support children to gain a positive sense of self, to value diversity and promote equality. Our aim is to empower children; giving them the confidence to make positive, informed decisions about their own personal wellbeing.  Together we identify ways to support ourselves, our peers and work together to generate a collective understanding of what it means to be a responsible, proactive member of a community.

Our PSHE ‘life skills’ lessons are purposeful, interactive and inclusive; designed to teach the fundamental building blocks and characteristics which cultivate positive personal attributes and virtues in our students. Learning is tailored to ensure all pupils are able to access the curriculum in a way pertinent to their individual needs and understanding.

Each child’s stage of development, level of understanding, protected characteristics and family circumstances are considered when planning to ensure an inclusive curriculum is provided to all.

Our daily practice is underpinned through our whole school Core Values, Learning Journey skills and Carden School rules which demonstrate our consistent expectation of respectful, considerate behaviour from staff and children alike.