Community and Parent-Teacher Association

Carden has always played an important role at the heart of our local community. Within the school community the Parent-Teacher Association (the PTA) plays a vital role to support the school to provide the best opportunities possible for our pupils.

Another key element of the PTA is building relationships – across the school and with the local community – through events, sponsorships, and local press coverage.

Every parent and carer is part of the Carden PTA; all are welcome to come to PTA planning meetings and share their ideas and feedback with Year Group Representatives. Being part of the PTA is a rewarding experience: building confidence, learning new skills, and developing new friendships.

Every year, the PTA raises thousands of pounds and gives many hours of volunteer-time to support Carden’s fantastic pupils in all kinds of ways. Parents and carers get involved in all kinds of ways and the Carden community is so much richer for it.


Upcoming PTA community events