Reception Autumn update 2022

The children in Reception have had a fabulous start to the term. We have learnt the
rhyme of Jack and Jill, and used our imaginations to innovate our rhymes as well as
sequencing the events. Autumn has been beautiful, and we have delighted in the Helen
Cooper stories; ‘Pumpkin Soup’, ‘A Pipkin of Pepper’ and ‘Delicious!’ We were so
inspired by the stories that we made our own Pumpkin soup, and wrote our own soup
recipes to try over half term. The children have used their new phonic knowledge to
start reading and writing, and they have shown great pride in their achievements. We
are looking forward to finding out about numbers and gaining a real understanding of
how to use them in our learning. We wish you all a wonderful half term holiday and are
ready for our new learning.

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