Sports Captains

I am now excited to be able to announce our Sports Captains for 2020-21. This was our toughest year yet of trying to select the applicants as over half of the year group applied for this very special role. There is not just one person who makes the final decision in selection; class teachers, teaching assistants and even Mr Harrington all take a look at the applications and help to decide on the final 8 to be selected. After some long discussions during the week the final decision was made and year 6 all came together in a special afternoon assembly for the announcement.

There were both tears of joy as well as some disappointment felt in the room as the names were revealed of this year sports captains. Well done to Adian B, Vincent S, Isis-Sophia M and Ruby B who have all been chosen as captains and Zakie I, Gwydion, Celia and Emily P who will be this year’s Vice-Captains.


Although these are our selected sports captains there will still be lots of other opportunities for all of the pupils who are keen to developed their leadership skills and get involved in helping at sports events during the year.