Physical Education Home Learning

It is possibly more important than ever that we continue to keep active during these uncertain times. Being active is essential both for our physical and mental well-being which is why it is so important to continue to be active even If we do not have our usual PE lessons at school. The government advises that children should take part in at least 60 active minutes of exercise a day. Even if we find ourselves at home a little more everybody can still keep fit and healthy. Have a go at some of the workouts below to help keep you active and remember to make healthy food choices too!

If you would like an extra or alternative challenge have a go at another year groups fitness circuit and try to create a rules poster for the sport that you have been covering in PE or any of the sports that we will be trying this academic term. All of these can be find on PE curriculum page.


 Travel to Tokyo

The pandemic prevented world sporting events such as the Olympics taking place, this means we still have time to take a virtual journey to get there. Over the next few weeks I would love all Carden pupils to start their journey to Tokyo. All you have to do is go to the ‘Get Set’ webpage, click on the travel to Tokyo tab and log your activity for the day (see link below).

Here is a little video clip to find out more about what type of activity you can log and how to do this:

Remember when you are login your activity to click your year group in the ‘select team’ tab as this will help me to know which year group is being most active at home!

Login your activity is quick and easy and can easily be done on a mobile phone. Here is a quick link to the activity log page

 Well done to year 1 wo are currently in the lead; they have logged an impressive 64 hours of activity so far and are on their way to Athens. Year 3 are currently just behind in second place and have currently reached Paris. Lets see if any other year groups can catch them. 

Wonder Woman  

Are you ready to take the quest? WONDER WOMAN 1984 is an all-new chapter in the WONDER WOMAN story. Set amidst a vibrant era of extremes and a world driven by the pursuit of “having it all,” Diana Prince (WONDER WOMAN) finds herself facing two all-new foes: Maxwell Lord and The Cheetah. Resolved in her belief in and love for mankind and her unrelenting in her pursuit of truth, she must make the greatest sacrifice to become the warrior the world needs and a hero for everyone. Use Wonder woman's characteristics to complete each quest:

This week we are going to focus on the characteristic of being courageous; always be brave and try your best. Try completing at least one of the 3 task cards below:

March Fitness Challenge

Complete each activity for each day of the month. Remember to make an exercise harder add more repetitions of each exercise or to make it easier reduce the repetitions. For an extra challenge you could also repeat the activity at least 3 times a day. Always remember to have a warm-up before any activity and work as hard as you can to get your heart rate racing! If you are not sure how to perform any of the exercises click on the link for videos of each activity: 


Stay Well, Keep Learning, Get Active 

Carden Primary School has some fantastic links with Albion in the Community and here is another example of these great links. Click the hyperlink below to take you to a selection of ‘stay well’, ‘keep learning’ and ‘get active’ activities. There are some great recipes to try baking some healthy snacks whilst you are at home and some Football related learning tasks. Try to work your way through the YouTube football skills on the stay active page; it would be great to lots of pupils showing these when we are back into school.


PE Skill School at Home Challenge

Attempt the skills school challenges whilst at home. Can you reach the bronze, silver or even gold level standard for the challenge? You could choose a challenge for each day of the week or just one that you think you will enjoy. You can also add your own personal challenge by completing the activity on day and then try it again on the next day to see if you can beat your score!

Click here for the links for each challenge: . Here is a quick look at the challenge names so that you have an idea of what you can expect to find...


  • Challenge 1 – Step Up Challenge
  • Challenge 2 – Squat Challenge
  • Challenge 3 – Jump Yourself
  • Challenge 4 – Plan-king Challenge
  • Challenge 5 – Tennis Step Over Challenge
  • Challenge 6 – One Foot Passing Challenge
  • Challenge 7 – Speed Bounce Challenge
  • Challenge 8 – Bar Challenge

Fitness Snakes and Ladders!

Snakes and Ladders Instructions; how to play:

  1. Put your counter on the space that says start here
  2. Take it in turns to roll the dice, move your counter forwards the number of space shown on the dice. Top tip: if you do not have a dice try downloading a dice mobile app or make one
  3. Do the exercise written on the space your counter landed on
  4. If you land on a ladder or a snake you must do the exercise then move up or down and also do the exercise that you move onto
  5. The winner is the first player to get to the space that says ‘finish’

PE Resources Oak Academy Lesson 

Oak Academy – This week we have some exciting new resources from the Oak Academy. 

Key Stage 1

KS1 are going to continue to develop their gymnastics and more complex balances. n this lesson, we will develop our gymnastics vocabulary by learning some intermediate balances and think about how using body tension and control can make our balances look effective. We will understand what impact regular gymnastics can have on our body. Please see the equipment slide near the start of the lesson video to see any additional equipment required and make sure your child is adequately supervised when equipment is required; parents and carers are responsible for ensuring that children follow the correct safety advice and are responsible for supervising activities. Click on the link below to begin your lesson:

Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2 are going to begin with looking at all things related to athletics focusing on our running, jumping and throwing which are all fundamental movement skills; this week we will look at changing direction and throwing with power and precision.  You will be involved in activities enhancing running strides between two zones, and practising throwing two-handed from a step approach. Please see the equipment slide near the start of the lesson video to see any additional equipment required and make sure your child is adequately supervised when equipment is required; parents and carers are responsible for ensuring that children follow the correct safety advice and are responsible for supervising activities. Click on the link below to begin your lesson:

Year Group and Key Stage Workout Ideas

Below are a range of year group and key stage specific activities. There are a combination of both some online videos as well as some workout plans which you can follow. If you would like a challenge try an activity from a different year group too! Be a super mover and stay active with these PE activities.

Online learning Resources 


Andy’s Wild Workout – Follow Andy on his adventures and get active by copying his moves. This week we go into the mountains

Boogie Beebies – Get active and have fun following the dance with Boogie Beebies

Key Stage 1

Dance –  with Oti Mabuse –Learn a dance to one of your favourite film songs with Oti. You will learn a whole dance routine in half an hour. I will look forwards to seeing these when we are back at school. This week’s theme is movie week with a ‘the LionKinng’. Click on the link to learn the routine!

Cosmic kid’s yoga- Yoga is really important for mindfulness and relaxation. The following video will provide an interactive adventure which will help to build strength, balance and confidence. This week we are jumping into spring: 

#ThisIsPE – Complete the video on the following link. This week’s video is all about working on agility in a game of Horizontal Climbing!

Fitness –An at home this week complete the Ninja workout to defeat the virus! This will be sure to get your heart beating hard: 

Would You Rather – Watch the video, choose your favourite character or object by going to stand opposite the picture, then perform the activity once it appears on your screen. 

Key stage 2 - Year 3, 4 5 and 6:

#ThisIsPE – Complete the video on the following link. This video will help to develop your lily pad jump.

Fitness –An at home Cardio Kickboxing workout. Try completing all of this fitness video; this will be sure to get your heart beating hard: 

Dance – New Rules Learn a new dance routine by following the online Kidz Bop dance tutorial video. First watch the dance to see what it will look like. Once you have learnt the routine see if you can perform in time with the video or even as somebody at home could be your audience!


Key stage 2 - Year 5 and 6 only:

MoreTalking Tactics!

Being good at a game is not just about your physical skills it is also about how well you understand the game and can apply game principles such as attacking and defending. This week we learn more about tactics.

This week we are going to learn about some of these key principles in invasion games with large scoring areas. Once you have watched the film, you can then showcase your understanding of the attacking and defending principles in these types of sports.  You could choose to do a writing piece, a presentation or a poster.  You may even choose to use your own whiteboard to do your own tactics film! It would be great to see some of these when we return to school, or you could even send them to Mrs Day or your class teacher.

Click on the link to learn all invasion games with large scoring areas:

Workout Plans to Print 

If you haven't always got access to the internet ask somebody at home or your class teacher to print out these fitness circuits for you to follow each day at home.


Year 1 

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6  


Its all about......Athletics!

With the sun shining its now time to look at some Athletics. You might need some help from an adult for some of the activities and remember to make sure our space is safe. These can also be printed like the fitness circuits above. 

Sussex Cricket 10 Week Challenge

For all of our keen Carden Cricketers we have an exciting announcement…. I am excited to announce the launch of the Sussex Cricket Foundation Virtual Schools Cup!

Following the recent Government announcement of further national restrictions, Sussex Cricket had to take the tough decision to temporarily suspend all of its coaching programmes in schools and the community and the normal Winter Indoor Competitions programme will also not be going ahead.

Instead they have launched a virtual competition as a fantastic way to keep everybody interested in Cricket throughout lockdown and beyond!

 SCF Virtual Schools Cup at a glance;

 Open to any children that go to school in Sussex, Year 6 & below

  • 10 Weekly Skills Challenges beginning Monday 9th November – instructional videos will be available at the beginning of each week (see link below)
  • We want every child to have-a-go at each weekly challenge and send in their scores using this Scoring Form* on the Sussex Cricket website (see link below).
  • Year 6 pupils will have the opportunity to take part in the challenges during lunch times to record their best score but could still practice at home!
  • All scores submitted will represent the relevant school & Sports Partnership Area on the weekly county Leaderboards.
  • Only one score per pupil can be submitted
  • There will be prizes for the Weekly Winners, the overall Winning School & the overall Winning School Sports Partnership

You can find the weekly challenge videos and the scoring form on the following website:

You can also tag Sussex Cricket into any videos or pictures of you in action using the hashtags #SCFVirtualSchoolsCup & #SCFSkillsChallenge & mentioning us using our handles;

Good luck to all our Carden Competitors!