Open Minds Project at Carden

Open Minds Project

Earlier this month, we were fortunate enough to receive an early Christmas present from the Open Minds Project; a registered charity located in Brighton. Their mission is to educate everyone in the United Kingdom about the lives of Black people to foster a more robust, inclusive, and socio-culturally equipped educational system.

The donation of these books will allow school staff:

  1. To support and empower teachers to have a choice of a wider selection of books written by or about Black people for their lesson plan.
  2. To expand the narratives about Black people in the educational curriculum for a well-balanced education for every child in the UK
  3. To support school to explore literature that cater to the needs of minority groups and expand the worldview of the majority.
    If you would like to find out more about the fantastic work of Open Minds Project please follow @tompuk,@theopenmindsprojectuk or visit
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