KS2: speech and language

The KS2 SLC class have been enjoying lots of exciting learning so far this term. We began our new
‘Twist and Shout’ topic which has led us to lots of learning opportunities linked to movement and

We began our Talk for Writing unit which in which we are focusing on a ‘journey’
story called ‘Clown’. The children know this story really well now and can use the
story map to retell it using words and signs. This has led to some fantastic writing
in which they have included a range of adjectives and powerful verbs.

In Maths, they have been developing their understanding of place value and have
worked on identifying the value of each digit in a number as well as using the
greater/less than symbols to compare the value of numbers. Alongside this,
children have been learning about different types of angles and lines and how to
measure accurately using cm or mm.

They have demonstrated great creativity through Art and have recently
used pastels to colour their own Picasso portraits which are really stunning
with their strong colours.

In Science, children have begun to explore sound and to understand how it is
created. They have also learnt about forces, finding pushes and pulls around
the school and experimenting with different surfaces to discover the effects of
friction on a toy car.

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