In 2016 we introduced the children to the Japanese language and culture through a Working With Others Day in January.  All children in Key Stage 2 spent the day in classes of mixed ages, working together alongside their teachers and Japanese volunteer visitors to  learn more about Japan, its people, traditions and culture.  The children practised mindfulness, learnt how to draw using the style of Manga, tried out origami and found out more about Japanese traditional dress.

Following the Working With Others Introduction to Japanese, we employed a part-time Japanese language teacher Aya Mirto.  Aya teaches fortnightly classes to all children in Key Stage 2.  So far, the children have learnt to write their own name in Katakana, greet each other and use directions.  The children are taught through a mixture of song, dance, games and other fun activities.  

In addition to Japanese lessons for all Key Stage 2 classes, Aya also runs a lunchtime club which is open for all children from Year 2 to 6 to attend. The children in the club have been given opportunities to try out origami, calligraphy, flower arranging and making models of traditional Japanese figures.