Headteacher’s end of term update: December 2022

Laura Sibley - Head Teacher

Another amazing half term here at Carden. The longer I am here the more I am blown over by the amazing community spirit and team atmosphere. The Christmas Fair was a brilliant event and the turn out was excellent. I really wish to extend my thanks to everyone who attended. The Christmas shows have really showcased how wonderful all the children are and the hard work of all the staff. There have been so many lovely events: Christmas Dinner Day, Class Parties, Fete and Christmas Shows; that allow the children to engage and have fun at school. As well at that there has been so much learning. Both Year Four and Six went on great history trips and deepened their historical knowledge outside of the classroom. 

We have an inset day on 3rd January all children return to school on Wednesday 4th January. Research shows that good attendance leads to better social engagement and ultimately better academic results. If your child has 90% attendance or lower that is equivalent to 19 days – almost four whole weeks of school across the year. If you have any difficulties school can support with in order to improve your child’s attendance, please contact me. Well done to all those families with over 95% 

The Year Six Carden Ambassadors have done a great job this term in supporting with the new parent visits and jobs around school. The children for Spring 1 are: Ronnie, Rocky, Louie, Megan, Isobelle and Gift. 

The Carden PTA have got another amazing holiday event that you can do with your family. There will be a map on the Carden PTA Facebook page where you can find all the lit-up Christmas houses. It will run from the 19th to the 24th December and you are looking for a hidden letter at each house to find the missing word. 

Thank you to all the Carden families for your support and hard work this term. 

I look forward to seeing you all in 2023. 

Have a great Winter Holiday! 

Best Wishes 

Laura Sibley 

Acting Headteacher 

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