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Feb 2023 update: Year One

Year one have been exploring and learning about seasonal changes. They went on a walk in our orchard to look for signs of winter.  In science, the children enjoyed exploring different materials and identifying what everyday objects are made from. They carried out an experiment 

Feb 2023 update: Reception

This half term our Literacy focus has been The Gingerbread Man. The children enjoyed making gingerbread dough and cutting their shapes ready to bake. To our surprise the cheeky gingerbread people disappeared from the oven, and so the search for them began. Thankfully Mrs Sibley 

Feb 2023 update: Nursery

In nursery we have been doing work connected to our ‘Talk for Writing’ book – ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’. It all started when we followed a trail of masks and found a parcel. We unwrapped the parcel and inside was a copy of 

Feb 2023: Speech and language KS2

KS2 SLC had a very exciting start to the term when we discovered a large golden egg in The Orchard. We soon learnt that it was a Brighton Ridgeback dragon’s egg, so brought it inside to keep it warm. When we came back to school 

Feb 2023 update: speech and language KS1 

In KS1 SLC we have been learning about animals that live in the Polar Regions. We have been learning the story ‘Lost and Found’ and finding out about penguins.  We drew some brilliant penguins using charcoal and created their habitat using paint.  In science we 

Safer internet week and crane visit

As you are aware this week is Safer Internet Week. It is an important reminder of the dangers there are online. These dangers are not just from the chat and message functions but also from the content children can see. Here are some links to 

Feb 2023: end of term update

What a start to the New Year! Although it does seem like Christmas and New Year was a long time ago – it has in fact only been six weeks! The staff and children have packed so many things into this half term. You can 

Carden donations to local food bank

Tomorrow (Wednesday 8th Feb) we are collecting food donations to help support the Old Boat community centre pantry. So many families use the Old Boat Corner Community Association pantry on a regular basis and they are struggling to keep up with demand. With next week 

Carden: the first post-war school built after WW1

By the time it opened in 1948, Carden Junior School was already famous. So famous that the newsreel cameras of Pathé arrived to film the first pupils walking into the school. Why? Carden primary was the first new school to be completed in Britain following the 

Open Minds Project at Carden

Earlier this month, we were fortunate enough to receive an early Christmas present from the Open Minds Project; a registered charity located in Brighton. Their mission is to educate everyone in the United Kingdom about the lives of Black people to foster a more robust,