Feb 2023 update: speech and language KS1 

In KS1 SLC we have been learning about animals that live in the Polar Regions. We have been learning the story ‘Lost and Found’ and finding out about penguins. 

We drew some brilliant penguins using charcoal and created their habitat using paint. 

In science we did an experiment to find out how polar animals keep warm in the icy water. First we felt how cold water with ice in is. Then we tried to keep warm using a woollen glove. It was still cold. 

Next we learnt that polar bears and penguins use oil to make them waterproof. We tried wearing a waterproof glove, but it was still cold. 

Then we learnt that polar animals have a layer of fat to keep them warm. We made a glove using animal fat. It kept our hand lovely and warm. 

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