Feb 2023: Speech and language KS2

KS2 SLC had a very exciting start to the term when we discovered a large golden egg in The Orchard. We soon learnt that it was a Brighton Ridgeback dragon’s egg, so brought it inside to keep it warm. When we came back to school the next day, we found that the egg had hatched. We realised that the baby dragon was probably hiding somewhere in the school. 

We had been sent a report all about Brighton Ridgeback Dragons which gave us a lot of information about what they eat and what they like to do, so we decided to put up posters around the school to tell people what to do if they saw any signs of it. We also left out vegetable peelings so that the baby dragon wouldn’t go hungry. There have been a number of signs that the baby dragon is hiding in the school somewhere, including a little nest in Mr Harrington’s office where it seems to have been sleeping! We internalised the language of the report by saying and signing it as well as drawing our own text maps. 

We have been wri ting poems about dragons, focusing on using nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs to help describe these magical and mythical creatures. 

We were also lucky enough to have a visit from Mrs Smale’s very own pet Bearded Dragon. We talked about what the similarities and differences might be between a Bearded dragon and a Brighton Ridgeback dragon. 

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