Carden Children Sing at Maycroft Manor Care Home

On the last day of the autumn term 2019, the children in the Carden choir visited the residents of Maycroft Manor Care Home to sing some Christmas carols. It was a fantastic end to the term and the children sang brilliantly. 

Children sing for residents of care home Care home visit



Brighton Centre Primary Schools' Christmas Concert

Along with children from 43 other schools in Brighton and Hove, the Carden choir took part in the Primary Schools' Christmas concert on Monday 5th December.  It was a fantastic evening and celebration of Christmas voices led by the team at The Brighton and Hove Music Service.  

Brighton Centre Choir Brighton Centre Choir


 Steel Band- - The Carden Steelies 

Pupils from years 4-6 have been enjoying learning how to play the steel pans each week on Tuesdays. The sound of the tropics can be heard permeating through the corridors and classrooms with some fun and exciting tunes and a few old classics.