Sport at Carden

Our aim at Carden Nursery and Primary School is to provide the opportunity for our pupils to safely experience a range of sporting activities for fun and enjoyment.

Through carefully planned PE and sports activities, we aim to ensure that all pupils are active, happy, healthy and enjoy Physical Education.

Growth and development

We aim to encourage the love of sports through our purposeful PE program developing pupil’s physical literacy thus providing them with a movement foundation and aiding lifelong participation in physical activity.

We help pupils develop a passion for a range of sports where they can use their imagination, develop physical skills and be curious learners, all the while encouraging them to develop their passion for sport further outside of school in the local community.

Four Carden pupils holding up hula hoops as olympic rings

We strive to provide high quality PE and sports teaching in both curriculum and after-school clubs providing pupils with extensive opportunities to learn outside. We aim to ensure that within their own level of ability all learners can achieve and understand success though an active, language-rich experience that enables them to reach their full potential.

We value the benefits of PE and sport to help build children’s self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth, which is character building and essential for pupil development. We celebrate pupils’ physical success as well as their personal development in the ‘social me’, ‘thinking me’ and ‘healthy me’.

We value equality and aim to provide opportunities for all children to experience competition at a variety of levels including individually, intra-school and as part of a team through healthy competitive games held with other local schools.

A line of Carden pupil's jumping in the air