Speech and Language Centre

Carden hosts the Speech and Language Centre that supports pupils who have an education, health and care plan (EHCP) with a primary need of 'communication and interaction'. We strive to provide the pupils who use the Centre with the additional provisions they need, while maintaining their connection to wider school life.

The school runs a 22-place centre which caters for children who have EHCPs with a primary need of ‘Communication and Interaction,’ with regard to speech, language and communication difficulties.

Places are allocated by the Local Authority in consultation with the school. Children are based in the Speech and Language Centre classrooms (EYFS/KS1 and KS2) and receive specialist teaching and therapy from highly trained staff.

They also attend lessons in their ‘buddy’ mainstream classes, also joining their mainstream friends for break and lunchtimes.

Latest from the Speech and Language Cenrte

KS2: speech and language

The KS2 SLC class have been enjoying lots of exciting learning so far this term. We began our new‘Twist and Shout’ topic which has led us to lots of learning opportunities linked to movement andcommunicating. We began our Talk for Writing unit which in which 

KS1: speech and language

In the KS1 Speech and Language Centre, we cooked a gingerbread man, but he ran away. He sent us a message asking for our help to get across the river. We made boats for him. We sent him instructions for how to make a boat,