Trips and events

Carden pupils have a range of exciting and educational experiences, both on school grounds and in the wider Brighton area. We are proud that our Parent-Teacher Association subsidises these trips and events so all pupils can participate.

Below is a taste of the trips, events, and experiences on offer.

A huge group of parents and children from Carden at Brighton festival

Brighton Festival Children's Parade

Every year, Carden staff, parents, carers, and pupils put time, energy, and endless creativity into our costumes and decorations to take part in this city-wide event.

Three pupils putting up a tent structure

Big School Camp

Making the most of Carden’s huge amount of outdoor space, our older pupils join in this annual camping experience. From putting up the tents, learning first aid and bushcraft, and stories and food round the fire – the children work hard and develop their teamwork and sense of independent adventure.

Carden pupils lined up in a medieval reenactment

Medieval reenactment

Bringing learning to life is a priority at Carden. To enhance our Year 1’s understanding of castles and medieval life, we worked with local reenactment specialists to get pupils (and staff!) dressed up and living a typical day in the middle ages.

Fireworks exploding in a night sky, Carden parents and pupils watching

Community events

Throughout the year, Carden opens its doors to pupils’ families and the wider community to celebrate special events. We run Halloween and Christmas trails, Colour runs, Eid picnics, a fireworks night, Easter bunny runs, Summer Carnival of Culture, to name a few. Find out more on our Parent-Teacher Association page.

Carden pupils listening and engaged.

Inspiring speakers

As part of our commitment to inspiring our pupils to aspire, we regularly invite speakers to speak to the children. We’ve had visits from our local MP Caroline Lucas; various authors Julia Donaldson to Jeanne Willis; and scientists and academics from Sussex University.

Pupils and a teacher work on art and writing

Educational outings

We deepen pupils’ knowledge of our curriculum with outings to a number of sites across Brighton and Sussex. Learning about ‘flight’ might mean a trip up the i360 and a project to build your own flying machine. Our focus on underwater ecosystems took pupils to the Sea Life Centre. We strive to make these trips accesssible for all pupils with the help of our fantastic PTA.