Winter term update: year 3

This term Year 3 have been working their socks off!

In English we have been focusing our writing on dragons and what makes them special.

Ms Smale brought in her pet bearded dragon, Lizzie the Lizard to inspire and engage the children. They loved feeling Lizzie’s rough scales! They really channelled their inner cat and asked lots of fantastic questions.

In topic we continued our journey from the Stone Age towards the Iron Age. A highlight was taking a bus and visiting the Brighton Museum! The children were absolutely brilliant and positive role models for our school and community. They even showed off their best chameleon-like selves coping with the rain and the busy buses!

Finally, in science the children learned all about rocks and how unbelievably exciting they are (really)! They looked at different properties and experimented to find out how permeable they and how quickly they would erode. They also looked at the fossilisation
process and we made some replica fossils as we did not have millions of years to wait for them to form naturally.

We hope you have a lovely Christmas break and look forward to welcoming you back in 2023!
Ms Henry and Mr Smith

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