December update: nursery

It has been another fun packed few weeks in Reception. Our PSED has included visits from our Persona Doll, Nada. She has taught us about her family in Zanzibar and the different foods and traditions. Nada brought a selection of breads which we all
thoroughly enjoyed eating!

In Literacy ‘The Little Red Hen’ visited and we all know this
story by heart. Our Phonics has continued and the children have excelled with their sound work. Many are now reading most sounds taught and some even our tricky words. Thank you for your support in reading with your children at home, this really
does made a huge difference!

In Maths we have taught the numbers 1-5 in detail. This has included the children being able to match the numeral to the correct number of objects as well as subitising. We have also explored 2D shape, positional shape and maps. Our reading spine text ‘Whatever Next’ introduced the awe and wonder of space and our role play areas transformed into Space stations.

We sang about the planets and designed our own paper plate planets which are on display in class. Everyone produced
some beautiful writing in the form of a list of what we would take to space. We had a fantastic time at our first fire pit Friday, and we were all excited to explore the orchard and everything that has been done to make it such a fabulous learning environment
(thanks to the PTA!)

We went to the Post Box on our first out of school trip. Did you
receive your Christmas cards? We hope that you like them! This is just a snippet of what we have been doing and we cannot forget all the singing and dancing in preparation for our Christmas shows.

The children really have made us all so proud in their first term at
Carden and we cannot wait to start again in the Spring term!

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