Our values

Together we aspire, learn, achieve and thrive.

Our core values have been created as part of a process involving Carden children, parents, staff and governors:

Respect  |  Courage  |  Kindness  |  Safety  |  Aspiration

Carden learning journey

We believe that the process of learning needs to be made explicit to children to help them develop as effective life-long learners.

To help this we have selected 11 characteristics of effective learning. Each is represented as an animal which helps children to remember.

There is regular discussion about what each means and looks like in practice so that children understand them.

In lessons teachers will focus on one or two characteristics and encourage children to reflect upon how they have been applying them and why this has helped with learning.

You might also recognise these animals in our school mural!

Lion- be respectful icon
Lion - be respectful
Bee icon
Bee - be able to work with others or alone
Chameleon - be adaptable
Dolphin icon
Dolphin - be able to communicate
Owl - stop, think, and plan
elephant icon
Elephant - help friends to learn
bear icon
Bear - learn new things
cat icon
Curious cat - be inquisitive
Tortoise - be resilient
spider icon
Spider - link ideas
unicorn icon
Unicorn - be imaginative

School of sanctuary

School of sactuary logo
We are a School of Sanctuary. This means that we are a welcoming school to everyone and have a greater understanding of the challenges faced by people seeking refugee status.
Two Carden pupils receiving the school of Sanctuary certificate

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To make sure we are operating to the highest standards Carden has a range of policies to cover various aspects of school life. You can view all these policies on one page, or – where relevant – we’ve also linked to specific school policies throughout the website.

Latest Carden news

PTA news – October 2022

Firstly, I would like to apologise for any lull in communication of late. The start of a new term/school year, has brought with it many personal changes in circumstance with a number of our key PTA members. Sadly we will not be running our fireworks 

October half-term 2022

What a fabulous half term it has been. Classes are really bonding as a team and areworking hard to achieve their learning. This is shown by the marble treats we haveseen and the great work going on around school. There have already been some greattrips