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Year 5 Science Year 5 Science Year 5 Science
Year 5 Science Year 5 Science Year 5 Science

Investigating sound

In Year 4, we have been investigating sound in science. We discovered that sound is caused by vibrations. We also made string telephones.

British Science Week

It was British Science week during March so we did lots of exciting science investigations involving a very messy lesson making goo that acts as both a solid and a liquid!



BBC Terrific Science Investigation 1 - Are you a Super taster?

Years 4-6 are taking part in a UK science initiative ran by the BBC called terrific science. For this investigation, we found out who in each class was a super taster. A super taster experiences bitter tastes more strongly than other people because they have a high number of taste receptors within fungiform papillae, the pink bumps on your tongue which contain the taste buds enabling you to taste sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umani flavours. Here are the results of how many super tasters were in each class:

4RM = 7

4KJ = 3

5DH = 9

5LR = 6

6JT = 9

6HL = 13

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Science - Electricity

In science we've been learning about electricity. This included testing and building circuits with bulbs, motors and buzzers. We then investigated materials that conducted electricity and those that didn't (insulators). With that in mind, we had a go at building our own switches.

Teeth investigation

In science, we investigated the effects that sugary drinks have on teeth. Instead of using teeth (for obvious reasons!), we used eggs as eggshells are similar to the protective layer of teeth called enamel. We set up a fair test and left each of 4 eggs in cup of milk, water, coke and orange juice. The results shown in the picture speak for themselves: Orange juice and coke are full of sugar which breaks down the eggshell over time. Just think what these drinks do to your teeth!

Assembly visit from a Doctor of science!

This Autumn we were lucky to have a visit from Dr. Mark Paget who is a biochemist and a lecturer at Susses University. He told us lots of interesting facts about bacteria including that bacteria can be good for us as well as bad.


Year 3 - Rocks and soils

In year 3 this Autumn we have been learning about rocks and soils. We had to group rocks into different categories of our own choosing, giving reasons for our choices.


Year 4 - Electricity

In year 4 this Autumn we have been learning about Electricity. Here are some of the things we've learnt about:

  • The dangers of electricity, particularly around the school or house.
  • What an electronic circuit is and how to build a simple one.
  • What makes a good conductor and insulator of electricity.
  • Types of switches and their purpose within a circuit.
  • How to build our own working switch.

Building circuits:

We built a range of circuit with components that included wires, batteries, bulbs, motors and buzzers.


Investigating what makes a good conductor

We choose a range of materials and objects to see what makes a good conductor by add the objects into our circuits and seeing whether electricity would flow through them. We found out that things made out of metal conduct electricity whereas material like plastic and wood don't. These are called insulators.


Using switches in circuits

We built circuits and added in a switch to see if we could turn the powered component within our circuit on and off e.g. a bulb

We then built our own working switches using a variety of household/classroom objects such as card, paperclips, drawing pins and silver foil.