Year 5 Science Year 5 Science Year 5 Science
Year 5 Science Year 5 Science Year 5 Science


How is Science taught at Carden?

Take a look below to see where and when units of science are taught. Wherever possible, these units are placed at particular times of the year to make pertinent links with other areas of the curriculum as well as the seasons.

Carden Science Week - 16th March 2020

Our theme for this year's science week was 'Our Diverse Planet' and we did lots of fun activities and lessons around this theme.

Renewable energy

In years 4, 5 and 6, we learned about the importance of renewable energy such as wind and water, making links to the wind farm of the shore of Brighton. We got to make windmills and water paddles.

Bees are important!
In year 2, we looked at how important bees are for our planet. We studied their life cycle, how far they travel and what makes them imperative to the survival of our planet. We then created bees out of recycled materials and made some 'seed bombs' out of compost, clay and various seeds. Then when we next went for a walk, we through our seeds into the grass and into the woodlands to allow flowers to grow for the bees to pollinate.
We had a lot of fun during science week. Year 3 looked at different types of sustainable energy sources. We focused our learning on water power and how it could be harnessed to generate electricity; our aim was to create a spinning motion that could be used in turbine engines using limited resources.
Using straws, string, a plastic bottle and a lot of tape we made water spinners. This was a tricky project with a lot of cutting, pinning and taping. The class chose their own groups of two or three and both Ms Henry and Mrs Elder were really impressed with the teamwork that took place.  We took our projects outside, filled them with water and had some success in creating a spinning motion. The children laughed a lot whilst getting very wet! It was a lovely afternoon filled with learning, discussion, teamwork and fun!

Herstmonceux Science Centre and Planetarium

Year 5 had a visit from the Herstmonceux science planetarium in the Spring term. It was great fun and they all learnt some amazing space facts.

They also went on a trip to the science observatory in Herstmonceux where they got to take part in a number of workshops including learning how to control a miniature robotic arm similar to the one on the International Space Station. It was a very ‘hands-on’ day out and they all had lots of fun learning.

For their 'Earth & Space' topic, Year 5 carried out an investigation to find out how our shadows change over the course of the day. To ensure it was a fair test, they drew round the same person in the same place at different times.

For their 'Earth & Space' topic, Year 5 have been learning about why the moon appears to change shape over the course of a month. They made a model using Oreo biscuits to show the different phases of the moon. They also used models of the phases to help reinforce their understanding.

For their ‘Properties and changes of materials’ science unit, Year 5 carried out an investigation to see what method was best to separate different mixtures. They could choose from sieving, filtration or evaporation.

For their ‘Properties and changes of materials’ science unit, Year 5 carried out an investigation to see which substances would dissolve and which wouldn’t based on earlier predictions.

Assembly visit from a Doctor of science!

This Autumn we were lucky to have a visit from Dr. Mark Paget who is a biochemist and a lecturer at Susses University. He told us lots of interesting facts about bacteria including that bacteria can be good for us as well as bad.