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Carden Primary School was built in the late 1940s and one of the first schools to be completed in the post-war period.  Alderman Morris, then Mayor of Brighton, laid the foundation stone on 22 October 1947 and the first children attended on 3 September 1948.

The school is built on a natural west-facing slope and was constructed in a revolutionary design using pre-cast concrete. The exterior remained unpainted grey textured concrete for many years. The classrooms all have doors which open out onto patio areas leading to the belief that the building was originally designed to be used as a hospital in the event of further hostilities.

The original Carden Infants and Carden Junior schools merged in September 1999 to become Carden Primary School.

There is a fascinating newsreel clip on Pathe News documenting the early days of the school.

Click here to view the newsreel clip



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