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Together we aspire, learn, achieve and thrive.

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Our pupils are absolutely at the heart of every decision we make and as a staff team we are dedicated and care passionately about what we do.

We pride ourselves on the outstanding level of care shown for each individual child: from a personal welcome at the school gate to lessons designed with each child in mind. We know which pupil is obsessed with mini-beasts; who has had a big change in their lives; or who is a budding inventor. We work hard to ensure that every child is – and feels – safe, and has a caring and supportive environment in which to work, grow and enjoy time.

Our goal is to work with parents and carers to prepare pupils not only for their next stage of education academically, but also with life skills and a good level of emotional resilience.

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In Reception at Carden we believe in giving children lots of rich, exciting, wide-ranging experiences which help them develop secure and positive friendships, builds their confidence and gives them a secure foundation to base all their future learning upon.

Carden school grounds

The building is spacious, with large windows letting in lots of light and air. There are doors from each classroom onto patio areas, and playing fields. This means the children have ample space to learn and play.

Yet large classrooms and grounds doesn’t mean it’s an overwhelming space for younger pupils. Carden has created three connected but separate areas for different age groups.


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Parent/carer & pupil feedback

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Amazingly supportive community

It’s an amazing school, amazingly supportive community, teachers & staff are so kind & caring & the SEN team if ever you should need it as we have found we do for emotional reasons are second to none.

Yes it’s a bigger school but the Nursery & Reception are quite separate so that it eases children in more quietly although they do go to the bigger playground as a class & use the sports hall etc & year 1 is also fenced off to give them that bit of security. They have so much space, sports dept have awards & my children are doing well & are really happy there.

Current yr6 and Yr1 parent

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Divserse and inclusive

I feel quite jealous of parents about to become part of Carden because my youngest daughter is in year 4 so I only have 2&1/2 years left of the loveliness of it all!

Educationally Carden is excellent, my older daughter just started at Patcham High and it was such an easy transition, She is thriving as she did at Carden. She loves traditional classroom learning and Carden gave her that and so much more.

I chose Carden because it is diverse and inclusive and that has been even more beneficial than I realised it would be.

Former parent and current Yr 4 parent

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Benefit of the school layout

I (and my kids) have become friends with so many people from all walks of life and it’s lovely. It’s a real egalitarian hub. (Plus there’s all the wonderful sporting facilities, outdoor learning and forest school, specialist art and PE lessons, camping trips on the school field, fab PTA organised events etc).

The building is not traditionally pretty but actually inside you see the benefit of the layout with the huge windows making it so light and airy, and the doors on each classroom leading outside so lessons can move outside whenever necessary.

Current parent

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SENCO is beyond supportive

 It’s an amazing school. My daughter is Autistic and their Senco is just beyond supportive and actually listens. All the staff I have also found to be so lovely.

The outside space the school has is amazing and they have recently opened up their own swimming pool which my daughter loves.

Carden is such a a warm and inclusive school. I highly recommend. 

Current parent

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It is a huge school, that is really small!

It is a huge school, that is really small! The children benefit from the masses of space, but small year groups and class numbers mean the children get a lot of attention and development opportunities. As a site, it's not 'over-developed'.

I picked a school for my first child and didn't even think about my second. Ofsted recently (2021) recognised Carden as good at Maths, English, Art, Science, French, PE... the list goes on, so both of my very different children are doing exceptionally well. Also, they are great with winter and summer borns, they just get them!

Current parent

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Beautiful buddy scheme

Carden has a beautiful scheme of getting the Year 6 children to buddy up with a Reception child and the benefit for both is incredible.

Every classroom opens up onto a playground, there is a pond, an orchard, a running track, a swimming pool and a wood all in the school grounds. Plus if you have to drop your child off, there is plenty of easy parking around the school.

Current parent

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Warm atmosphere

It felt like a warm atmosphere when we went around. I found the head really inspiring and liked her vision for the school. I also feel the outdoor space and pe teaching were a draw. Finally I felt they would support my child better if he developed any difficulties with learning (which he hasn't so far).

Current parent

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Really lovely

The things that was important to us was that we can walk to school, be close to school friends. My son was using hearing aids at the time, so noise was a factor too. I found Carden really lovely, the inside is so amazing, it was just a better fit for him. Carden has been really good supporting him with his needs.

Current parent

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Carden will forever have my heart!

When visiting carden for the first time with my son, I was greeted by a lovey kind lady who had already took it upon herself to know my sons name and greet him and myself at the door. On walking around I knew very quickly that carden was the school I wanted my son to be in. It not only has the excellent PE provisions, outstanding phonics and reading results, but it also has the love, the care, the nurturing, the fun and the most beautiful community supporting it.

Carden will forever have my heart!

Current Yr 1 and Yr 4 parent

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It’s a real community school

We love Carden - I have two there and one who will go in a couple of years. It’s a real community school where being part of the school extends outside of school hours.

What I love (and didn’t realise quite how important it would be to my shame), is because the school has such a great mix of people, there are no outsiders there. Everyone (and every child) is treated as the unique individual they are and it makes a really wonderful melting pot.

Current Yr 2 and Yr 5 parent

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School was amazing

My daughter has actually left Carden now but when she was there the school was amazing with her and can’t fault it at all.

Former parent

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Warm and welcoming

My daughter goes to Carden and it’s fantastic she is so happy there. Really lovely community spirit and the Headteacher is amazing. It’s really diverse and inclusive and that’s part of the reason I love it so much. It’s really warm and welcoming and all of the teachers and staff are so lovely!! The fact they have a swimming pool with weekly swimming lessons is definitely an added bonus!

Current parent

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Absolutely wonderful place

I can safely say from my Children’s experience Carden has been an absolutely wonderful place for them. It’s diverse, inclusive, warm, creative and the staff care deeply about the children. During lock down they were so creative with what they offered.

My son has blossomed in reception, he has forest school, a designated art teacher and sports teacher and next year will be able to use the swimming pool. My daughter in year 6 has loved every moment and will be so sad to leave next year.

Current Yr 6 and Reception Parent

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My son is excelling

My son is now in yr4 and is excelling. I have a young son too also in carden and his reading, writing, and general life knowledge in the last year has blown me away, and that’s all down to the teachers and staff at carden.

Over the years we’ve had the added benefit of the swimming pool opening for KS1 children and this year we have also got the added bonus of our outdoor learning program coming together, utilising the fab amount of outdoor space carden has.

Current Yr 4 and Yr 1 parent

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Diversity was a big factor for me

We chose Carden The diversity was a big factor for me I wanted my kids to be able to relate to and be friends with who are different from them(carden is something like 45% BAME).

The large amount of outdoor space was also an appeal as was the fact is a primary school rather than two separate schools. I’m glad my boy who is now in year two doesn’t have to change schools at the end of the year. I also seem to relate more to Carden‘s headteacher. I have been very happy with my choice both of my boys have thrived at Carden.

Current parent

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A community that supports each other

Carden is a community of parents, children and teachers; during lockdown we all supported each other. There is always so much going on through the PTA as well that only adds to the school experience such as discos, fireworks, film night, bake offs, fetes, trails, pamper evenings, a colour run and new events all the time!

Diversity is a word that is used a lot, but what does it actually mean? Carden is a mix of ethnicities, religions, educational needs and class, and my children are far better human beings for it and they are being set up for an amazing future.

Current parent

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Truly special school

Carden is really truly a special school. The warmth and inclusiveness is above and beyond. It really does feel like a family rather than a school and so does the lovely community. I feel so lucky through the PTA I’ve met so many other local families that have really supported each other in these weird last few years.

Current Yr5 and Reception parent


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A rich history gives Carden a strong sense of place in our local community.


We are proud that so many of Carden's parents are so happy with their child's experience that they would recommend us, according to OfSTED.


Our approach to pupils' special educational needs means an enhanced experience for all pupils.


Roomy, light and airy classrooms, with multiple large outdoor play areas - including an orchard and a forest school: Carden gives pupils ample space to play and learn.


Carden offers free and paid afterschool clubs for all pupils, and a breakfast club that runs daily. From dance and baking to sports and board games - there is plenty to try!


We aim to give our pupils a range of experiences to bring learning to life: whether medieval re-enactments for history; visits from world-famous authors; or trips to challenge and inspire.