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Due to the Coronavirus, Carden Primary is now closed to the majority of pupils following government advice. Home Learning grids and useful learning links can be found on your child's year group page and will be updated every Friday.


Message from Mrs Longton-Howorth

Message from Mr Harrington

Well-Being at Carden Primary School

Dear Children,

Here at Carden, we know that it is important to maintain a positive mind-set at this time and we all need to try to support one another. We know that you will all be trying to do your best to support your families as well as get on with the work your teachers have set you.

We want to give you some ways to help keep your focus and maintain a routine. Here are 10 things you can do to help yourself through the coming weeks:

  1. Keep to a routine – getting up at the same time every day and keeping your day structured will help you to manage being at home for a long time.  
  2. Do things to exercise your mind – read a book, take up a new challenge, learn a language, do something you never thought you would have the chance to do. Teach yourself a new skill.  
  3. Eat at regular mealtimes, try to eat fruit and vegetables, drink lots of water.  
  4. If you can go outside for short periods get some fresh air and sun on you. We all need to keep up or vitamin D levels, so even if you only stand on the doorstep for 10 minutes get outside.  
  5. Keep a regular bedtime routine – if you don’t then day will become night and soon your body clock will get confused. This will make it harder when you need to get back to a regular pattern.  
  6. Do things to calm your mind, drawing, listening to music, meditation. There are lots of things you can do to support your mental health. Look on YouTube for meditation or mindfulness videos to help you. The more you can do to keep your mind calm the easier it will be to cope with long periods indoors. There are lots of apps out there too that can help. Keeping a diary is a good way of channelling your thoughts and concerns.  
  7. Walk away from arguments. If you feel yourself getting angry, walk away, find something calming to do. It is not going to help if you argue. Tell the other person you need time to cool off.  
  8. Help around the house. Keep your room tidy. There are so many life skills you can learn just being at home. Help to cook, help with the washing. Do your bit to share the workload.  
  9. Don’t believe everything you read on social media and don’t get into arguments with friends online. Be kind and considerate to everyone. We are all feeling the pressure and we need to be kind to each other.  
  10. Laugh lots, share funny videos, share jokes, keep a video diary. We need to look back on this time and remember how we helped each other through and all the things we did to make people laugh. Laughing is the best medicine.

We will be here to help you. If you are worried, upset or just need someone to talk to then we are here to support you - don’t hesitate to email your teacher and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Some websites to support are below


Finally, if you are stuck with any of the work you have been set, then also let us know. There are lots of useful and fun links to other great learning opportunities that we have posted on your year group page on this website.

Take care, stay safe and above all be kind to each other. This will end and we will get back to normal!

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