Year 2


The Science Centre - Our School Trip!

Our Year 2 adventure this term was to The Observatory Science Centre and we had a great time! We went on a telescope tour and saw the different telescopes that astrologists use to look at space. There was also lots of different activities involving light and sound, which we were able to explore throughout the day. Our favourite was the chair that lifted us powered by a vacuum! 



Kusama Art Installation

In our Art lessons we have been learning about Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. We discovered she is obsessed with dots and have explored this in our own drawings, prints and digital art. In our final lesson we had the chance to recreate an installation she had made at the Tate, by covering a white space in round stickers. We had a lot of fun making a piece of art together as a year group.



Beegu Science Experiments

We have been doing lots of learning around 'Beegu' by Alexis Deacon. This week we were very excited to receive a letter from Beegu herself. She asked us for help choosing materials to build a house. We tested 4 different materials for their strength, flexibility and how much water they absorbed. After our experiment we decided cardboard would be the best material for Beegu's house.



Art Students Visit Year 2

We enjoyed a visit from some Art students from the University of Brighton. Over the course of 2 sessions we created woodland artwork using a variety of techniques. We had a go at detailed drawing, using watercolours, leaf collage and printing with different items. Finally, we brought all of the artwork together into a large scale piece. We were very proud of the end result.


 Pupil Voice 

 "I like maths because work can be tricky." Matty

 "Making mistakes helps me to learn." Lexi

 "I am like the elephant and help friends to learn when they are stuck." Kai 

 "I like making friends and showing our core values of respect and kindness." Hannah

 "I like doing lots of writing and then making it even better." Rui 

Exploring History

We have been thinking about using evidence in our History lessons. We had the chance to handle some real artefacts - some of which were over a hundred years old! We were curious like the cat and thought carefully about what the objects might be. The most puzzling turned out to be an old record. We then used these skills of observation in the rest of our work. 


Gruffalo Drama 

The caretakers found some mysterious clues around the school and we had to try and work out who might have left them. It turned out to be the Gruffalo! This led to some exciting activities and eventually we wrote our own Gruffalo poems. Have a look at us pretending to be the characters in the Gruffalo! 



 Welcome back to what promises to be a fun and action packed term in year 2. To see our topic web click here and of course don't hesitate to ask us questions on any aspect of the curriculum. Keep your eyes peeled on our pages to see what exciting learning takes place in year 2 over the next few months.