Active Travel

‘Riot Act’ comes to Carden

As Part of our Active Travel Programme Year 5 and 6 were visited by the performance company ‘Riot Act’ who performed a show based on Road Safety titled ‘Alex & Jay on the Street’. The show was not only fun to watch but had lots of meaningful message messages which the pupils were able to learn about and take away to put into action. The performance and promoted essential road safety information including; equipping pupils with essential skills to stay safe when travelling on and around roads, highlighted the negative impact of excessive traffic and parking outside of schools, promoted key safety messages, looked at the implications of traffic outside of the school gates and reminded pupils the importance of ‘stop, look and listen’ before crossing the road.

The overall aim of the show was to provide pupils with the knowledge to contribute to a longer-term behaviour change that benefits individuals, communities and the wider environment


Why is Road safety important?

Road incidents are a major cause of injury and death for young people across the UK. As young people get older and move from primary to secondary school, making more and more independent journeys, they become more at risk of being involved in a road incident. Adolescents between the ages of 12 – 16 are in one of the most vulnerable groups of road users accounting for 51% of all child road casualties (0 – 16 years). Making young people aware of the risks and providing them with strategies to take positive actions to remain safer are important parts of their development. Walking and cycling should always be encouraged amongst young people as sustainable travel is an important part of staying healthy and active; teaching road safety alongside this helps them to become safer and more confident independent travellers as well. Congestion and Parking Outside of Schools The issue of excessive traffic and inconsiderate/illegal parking outside of schools is one that has many negative implications on safety and the environment – from local air quality to climate change. Badly parked cars around schools make it more difficult for pupils and other pedestrians to stay safe, reducing safer places to cross and impeding their ability to stop, look and listen effectively. Excessive traffic and congestion also causes chaos on the road and increases the amount of carbon emissions through exhaust fumes, which has a huge impact on personal health within communities.


Year 1 Child Pedestrian Training

This term Year 1 have taken part in the Brighton and Hove Child Pedestrian Safety Training. Each week for 5 weeks they have been taken out on a Monday morning to explore key road issues. They have looked at key topics including ‘Vehicles’, being by the road, safer places to cross the road, what are the safest routes to travel and how parked cars can be dangerous when crossing the road.

All pupils now know how important it is to Hold hands, stop, look, listen, think! Remember to remind your children of these key messages when traveling to school or on fun days out at the weekend.


What to watch out for in Active travel!

Over the coming months Year 5 and 6 will complete either the Level 1 or Level 2 Bikeability Course.

At the end of the Summer the Year 2’s are scheduled to take part in ‘Scootability’!