What do governors do?

Governors are essential to the work of the school and are legally responsible for it.  They are not; however, involved in the day to day running of the school which is managed by the Senior Leadership Team.  This leaves governors free to focus on their core functions of:

  • ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • holding the Headteacher to account for the education performance of the school and its pupils and the management of staff
  • overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent

Governors act as a sounding board for issues being reviewed within the school and work with the senior leaders to raise standards of achievement.  They approve the school budget and appoint the Headteacher. They work as a team and make collective decisions, abiding by an agreed code of conduct. As you would expect they need to gain an understanding of the school and its overall performance in order to explain its decisions and actions.  This is done by attending regular meetings and carrying out school visits.  They also attend training in order to keep up to date with the requirements of the role.  More information about the role of governors can be found here.

The Governing body at Carden Primary School


The governing body reconstituted in March 2015 and the number of governors on their instrument of government is now set at 12. This twelve is made up of different categories of governors.  There are 7 Co-opted governors, 1 Headteacher staff governor, 1 staff governor, 1 Local Authority governor and 2 parent governors.  The term of office for each governor (other than Headteacher) is for four years, although being a voluntary position, governors may resign at any time.

The Structure of the Governing Body

The majority of the work of the governing body is delegated to committees and at Carden Primary there are three:

 The latest terms of reference showing the work covered by each committee may be viewed by clicking on the relevant committee.



The full governing body meet at least once a term as do each committee. The minutes from each meeting, showing who attended and what went on, will be posted in this section when they have been agreed at the next meeting. Just click on the date. Non-confidential agenda papers may also be available to view. Please refer enquiries to the Clerk of Governors via the school office or email

Meetings 2016/2017

                                    Autumn Term                    Spring Term   SummerTerm                 
Full Governing Body                     

8th September 2016


19th January 

23rd  March 2017 (Confidential)

26th June  2017
Curriculum Learning and Achievement 17th November 2016 4th April 2017 12th May 2017
Development and Resources 15th November 2016         9th February17 4th May 2017
Health Safety and Welfare 11th October 2016 28th February17 9th May 2017


Meetings 2015/2016

   Autumn Term Spring Term  Summer Term 
Full Governing Body 

8th September 2015

10th December 2015

24th March 2016    7th July 2016
 Curriculum Learning and Achievement  10th December 2015  17th March 2016  27th June 2016   
 Development and Resources  16th November 2015  11th February 2016


 5th May 2016

Health Safety and Welfare 23rd November 2015  23rd February 2016

 10th May 2016


Meetings 2014/15

   Autumn Term Spring Term  Summer Term 
Full Governing Body 

 9th September 2014

11th December 2014

   26th March 2015

9th July 2015

Curriculum Learning and Achievement  6th November 2014   17th March 2015 23rd June 2015
Development and Resources

18th November 2014

  12th February 2015    7th May 2015
Health Safety and Welfare 25th November 2014   5th February 2015  -







Governors - current and in the last 12 months


Name   Category  Term of Office  Roles of Responsibility and Committee Membership 
Helen Longton-Howorth     Staff Headteacher   2.9.14 to -

Member all committees

Kevin Cunningham Co-opted   10.12.15 - 9.12.19
  •  Curriculum Learning and Achievement Committee Chair
  • Vice Chair of Governors (joint)
Daniel Holmes Co-opted   10.12.15 - 9.12.19
  •  Health Safety and Welfare Committee member
  • Curriculum Learning and Achievement Committee member
Samantha Beal Co-opted 19.01.17-18.01.21  To be allotted
John Hull Co-opted 26.3.15-25.3.19 Health Safety and Welfare Committee Vice Chair
Vacancy Co-opted


Jeff Nixon Local Authority 13.10.13 - 12.10.17
  • Chair of Governors 
  • Curriculum Learning and Achievement Committee member
  • Health Safety and Welfare Committee member
  • Development and Resources Committee member
Jayne Bravery Co-opted 26.3.15-25.3.19
  • Health Safety and Welfare Committee member
  • Safeguarding governor
Sophie Wadleigh  Parent 31.1.14-31.1.18
  • Vice Chair of Governors (joint)
  •  Chair Health Safety and Welfare Committee 
  • Curriculum Learning and Achievement Committee Member
Peter Sandeman.  Parent 31.1.14-31.1.18 • Development and Resources Committee Chair
Paul Smith Co-opted 26.3.15-25.3.19

• Development and Resources Committee Vice Chair
• Health Safety and Welfare Committee member

Karen Willbridge Staff 21.10.16 - 20.10.20  To be allotted

Retirees or Stepped down in last year
 Margaret Garrard



 Stepped down

Karen Wicker


 26.3.15 - 8.9.16

 Stepped down

Karen Czucha


6.2.14 - 5.2.18

Stepped down 


How are governors appointed?

The majority of governors are now in the 'co-opted' category. When vacancies arise, new governors can be appointed by the Governing Body as co-opted governors based on the skills they offer. Co-opted governors can come from the general public and may include those eligible to stand for other categories, although there is a limit on the numbers that can be drawn from the staffing body. At present the governors would be particularly interested in applicants who self-identify with the BME community or who have experience in the building industry.   An application form is available here which should be completed along with a skills form here and returned to the Clerk to the Governors at  who would be happy to answer any queries.

The staff governor is elected from and by the staffing body.

Parent governors are elected from and by the parent/carer body.

The Local Authority governor is chosen then appointed by the governing body from candidates put forward by the Local Authority.

The Headteacher decides whether to take up the Headteacher staff governor position.

All governors need to meet certain eligibility criteria and confirm annually that these continue to be met.

Register of Interests

Governors declare any pecuniary or other interest, which includes membership of other governing bodies, at the time of application or appointment, annually and at each meeting.  Should the governing body consider there would be a conflict of interest that governor withdraws from that part of the meeting and does not vote on that item.  The register of interests is reviewed at least annually and  is published here.